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Reusable, Washable Baby Diaper. Training pants/clothes

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Product Description:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton Fabric: Outer Material: 100% cotton. Inner Material: Cotton + Polyester + TPU. The dinosaur kids training underwear with 100% Cotton has great breathability, will give the baby a very comfortable feeling, and it can be worn in all seasons like ordinary pants.
  • Absorbent and Breathable: 6 layers in the crotch, these baby training pants are more absorbent than other training underwear. Larger absorbent pad from front to back to help contain more accidents, giving enough time for parents to help change the training pants for their baby.
  • Elastic Waistband: Covered elastic waistband for comfort and adjustable fit. It is easy to pull up and down too. These Toddlers Nappy pants are washable. Hold up well and stay vibrant after washes.
  • 6 Cute Prints: Coming with 6 cute prints-Dinosaur, car, whale, etc. baby can choose their favorite prints every day. Your baby will love their “Big boy ” or “Big girl” underwear, which makes potty training easy.
  • Potty Training:These pants will not dry completely but let your baby feel moisture and then they will know when should go to the toilet and do the potty training. Training underwear is usually not completely waterproof to keep good breathability, reducing suffocation and skin damage. If the amount of urine is large, water/urine leakage may occur.